information on where to buy fairtrade productsThere is a wide range of Fairtrade products available both from the regular church Traidcraft stall, locally in supermarkets and online, including:

For more details on all products carrying the Fairtrade Mark, see the Fairtrade Foundation website


- beauty
- beer/ale
- biscuits
-  cakes
- cereals
- cereal bars
- chocolate
- coffee

- cocoa
- coffee
- dried fruit and nuts
- flowers
- fruit and veg
- herbs and spices
- jam
- honey

- juice
- olive oil
- quinoa
- rice
- sugar
- sweets
- tea
- wine

Where to buy?

Church Fairtrade/Tradecraft stall

On the 3rd Sunday of each month there will be a Fairtrade/Tradecraft stall at coffee time in the Douglas Hall after the morning service.


All the major supermarkets now stock a range of Fairtrade products. Below are some sample lists of what is available - what else can you spot on your weekly shop? Why not commit to buying at least one Fairtrade item in each shop. Why not email the supermarket to request they stock a certain item if you can't find it. Why not log on to the supermarket websites and search on “Fairtrade” to see ranges available.


sample Asda fairtrade shopping list

sample Sainsburys fairtrade shopping list

sample Tesco fairtrade shopping list

sample Morrisons fairtrade shopping list

sample Coop fairtrade shopping list

what fairtrade items are on your shopping list?

Online and from independent fairtrade shops

Traidcraft Shop (there will be a regular Traidcraft stall at St Mary’s. Why not have a look online and suggest items you’d liked stocked on the church stall).

People Tree (Fairtrade clothing)

One World Shop (St John’s Church Edinburgh / Great Western Road Glasgow)

Hadeel (123 George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4JN)