be inspired - stories from fairtrade producersBehind every Fairtrade cuppa you brew, banana you peel, glass of wine you pour there is a human story. The stories from the producers are inspiring on how Fairtrade is benefiting them, their families and their communities.

You can read their stories on the Fairtrade Foundation’s website.

Here are just some snippets...

“It’s the women who do all the work in the coffee gardens while men ‘supervise’ Women prepare the food and look after the children; they do everything in the home as well. But now women are getting jobs and getting more respect from men. Women have seen me become a successful farmer and a voice in the co-op and many women farmers are interested in joining our co-op. They have seen foreigners come to my farm with their cameras and they admire what I do. Now they also want to earn their own money, to be independent and support their families financially. And now some of the men are realising that it is better for their home if they treat women more equally.” - Oliva Kishero, coffee producer, Uganda

"I did not get any education but I want my children to. Because of the Fairtrade price, I can send them to school."  - Laljibhai Narranbhai, cotton farmer, Agroocel Pure & Fair Cotton Growers' Association

“There is certainly no doubt about it - Fairtrade has saved the Islands. Without it we would be in desperate trouble.” - Cornelius Lynch, Secretary of the Fairtrade Committee, St Lucia, Winward Islands Farmers’ Association (Banana Producers).