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The Vestry organises the day to day running of the church.

The Vestry's Objective

The Vestry's objective is to assist the Rector in administering the parish on behalf of the members of the wider congregation in matters temporal and spiritual for the greater good of the congregation.

Vestry 2019/20

          Rector’s Warden
          People’s Warden
          Lay Representative
          Alternate Lay Representative
          Other members

Revd Christine Downey - Rector
Denis King
Gavin Craig
Rona Finlayson
Carole MacBride
Margaret Chill
Jonathan Gibbs
Ella Henderson
Margaret King
Douglas Walker


Visionary in that we are able to look to the future while building upon the past.


Energetic in that we are willing to give time and effort to the various tasks assigned or asked of us on behalf of the wider congregation.


Supportive in that we listen to each other and the wider congregation and seek to care for each other.


Thoughtful in that we do not rush in with ideas "half-baked" but take time to think and pray the way forward.


Responsible in that we remember that we are representing the wider membership of St Mary's congregation and not our individual concerns alone and that we are effective in our communication with each other and the congregation.


Yeasty in that we allow ideas to rise and be mulled over.