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The Dalmations allows members of the Church to interact socially. The group meets one Wednesday each month (usually on the last of the month) following the 11.00 am said Eucharist. We do take a break during the high season summer months (usually May to July).

This is a group for all ages. The format is to have coffee in the Douglas Hall after the service. We then gather to hear a speaker (maybe even to ask a few questions too) for about 45 minutes. After this, a simple meal of a bowl of soup and some pudding will be served. The members are invited to volunteer to make the soup or pudding (not both on the same day). Everyone puts a contribution into the basket (around 3 is suggested) and expenses are covered that way. Usually we end by around 1:45 pm which gives plenty of time to pick up children or grandchildren from school!

Occasional outings are organised in place of the usual meeting.

New members of any age are always welcome, just come along - nothing to sign, no registration.

Please click HERE  for a fully detailed programme.

Dalmations Programme Outline 2018 - 2019




29th August 2018

“Mary’s Meals” update

John Helliwell

26th September 2018

Freedom Unlimited Enterprises


31st October 2018

A Visit to Chogoria, Kenya

Eric Melvin

28th November 2018

The Grassmarket Project

Tommy Steel

12th December 2018
Please note the date

Looking Forward to Christmas

Our annual get-together with words and music for Christmas

30th January 2019

Fun Day to fill the Winter Gloom!


27th February 2019

Singing Group to entertain us

The Castaways

27th March 2019

A Canadian Sampler

The Rev Christine Downey

24th April 2019

My Childhood in Russia

Igor Kozlov